As mentioned in our HOME page we are a relatively new business based in s e Wales in the UK.

I started life as a professional musician before joining  CBS Musical Instruments Inc as a Promotions Manager and in-house clinician. I had a very enjoyable time here and stayed for about 8 or 9 years until I left to open my own retail outlet.

I actually started getting involved in Jewellery Design and Making via my wife who is a very successful ‘Beader’ who asked for my help one day to silver solder an item she was working on. This got me hooked and before long I had my workshop/studio set up!

At the moment I tend to be concentrating mainly on repairs that come to me from local people, but still manage to produce some original pieces.  I do post photos of the new piece I produce and they can be purchased if required via my Etsy shop, the link is on the front page of this site.

If you wish to contact me please leave any comments on the Blog page or alternatively email me at: info@markantonyjewellery.com  Thank you for taking the time to read this and to check us out any feedback you may have is always greatly appreciated.


Custom design and jewellery repair

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