Rather than throw the honey jar away while there was still some in the bottom, I decided to leave the lid off and place it on it’s side on the Bar-B-Que. In truth I was hoping that it may attract some late night -flying moths.  However, after checking it at night for a couple of nights and finding nothing, I gave up the idea, but left the jar.

A day or two later the rain had stooped and the sun was briefly shining. I took a stroll down to the Bar-B-Que and was absolutely amazed at the number of Honey Bees and a couple of Wasps all guzzling as much as they could of the (now solidified) honey.  By the time I got there there were two dead Honey Bees and two live wasps amongst the tightly packed in ‘gang’! I watched it quite closely for a while and was surprised to see that both the bees and the wasps all ignored each other.

Honey Bees in Jar Honey Bees in Jar


The last remaining Wasp
The last remaining Wasp



4 thoughts on “PLAYING IN THE GARDEN”

  1. Like both of you, I’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging. Great idea with the honey – maybe I’ll try and copy you. Fab shots of the wasp.

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    1. Yes you have to try it Di. I think we are probably going to be seeing these Bees and Wasps -and I understand still some Hornets – around for a little longer due to the mild weather. As well as theMacro shots, I also tried some video with the Nikon D3s, I haven’t had a lot of luck with it the past, and also some time lapse. Both these projects I will attempting soon.
      Good luck Di and to you @Helen Cherry. Already looking forward to seeing the results.


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