January 2019 (Just got in in time) :-)

Catching Up

So, Christmas now well out of the way, as is New Year and we are off again. Firstly a big thank you all my wonderful customers who trusted me with their beloved and treasured pieces over this last year.

The uniqui thing about the way we do business is that, because we do not have a retail premises and all our work is done from our custom design studio at home, I get to visit our customers in their homes. This means they can discuss their query, whether it’s a repair or a commission in their own relaxed atmosphere with no pressure and, they can include their spouse, partner or any other family members in helping them make their decisions. It also means that I get to meet their family and all will tell you I am a dog lover! So as well as becoming ‘friends’ with my customers I’m also friends with their dogs AND cats! 🙂 .

Some of the jobs I have had the pleasure of working on this year have included:

  • Taking all the unwanted jewellery of the mother and making wedding band for the daughter.
  • Taking a beautiful 22ct yellow gold Welsh Dragon and mounting it on a 9ct yellow gold textured backing plate. The customer loved the dragon that her husband had made for her, but because of the shape and design, it meant that the dragon pendant would catch in her clothes. So this way by being set on a backing plate it meant that she could wear it with anything.
  • I have made another witches heart pendant. Some readers may recall the original 9ct gold Witches Heart I made for a customer a couple of years ago from her unworn jewellery and her mother’s engagement ring.  This was similar only smaller, lighter and the stone was a very pretty pear shaped opal. 

Plus plenty of others which I will talk about later, and hopefully publish some photos of the pieces.

2 thoughts on “January 2019 (Just got in in time) :-)”

  1. Sorry I’ve not commented on your blog Mark, for ages. I am still following your writings though, and thought I’d say so here. I’m glad your jewellery business is going well. I think it’s lovely when you can make something out of old pieces. I had this done before I left Machester – my mother had some 22ct rings, and I had these made into a pendant. I’m so pleased I can wear her jewellery now. Keep up the good work.


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