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Photo Sales

It always nice when someone comes out of the blue and sees one of pictures and likes it enough to buy it! It’s especially nice when the buyer is a large organisation who are able to shop anywhere and still they choose you.

That is exactly what happened to me.  Insight Guides the well know ‘Guide Books’ publisher chose a pic I had taken of Tenby Harbour in West Wales UK. Came as a nice surprise when I received a cheque from my Agency.

And then suddenly, on the 8th of September I am getting call for photos of Autumn!  I am also informed that Christmas is just 15 week away.  Guess I had better start planning for next spring’s picture calls.

Dave Bush Stonemason

Just completed the design and production of the Door Magnets for DB Stonemasons, part of a whole re-branding for this busy small business. When one thinks of how old the art of stonemasonry is, I think it is really good news when you hear of these new young businesses, practicing this ‘ancient’ skill starting up.  They don’t have a web site as yet but they come highly recommended if anyone wants a lovely olde worlde patio for the summer! 🙂

DB Stonemasons - Car Door Magnets