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How Animals Can Brighten Your Day

You wanna take my photo? Go on then…how’s this?

I had never seen this horse before, I just stopped at the gate whilst out for a quiet walk with my camera. When I stopped at the gate the three horses that were in the distance turned and saw me and made their way across to me. On their arrival I offered the first one an Extra Strong Mint (candy). He just turned up his nose and didn’t take it, then I offered it to the second who took it and proceeded to drop it on the ground. Then this chap pushed his way in and said “I want one”.  I offered him the same he took it  and crunched it up (they are very hot) and then asked for a second, which I gave him. When he asked for a third I said, “No,  too many sweets are bad for your teeth” ( I looked over my shoulder in case anyone was watching me, as they would have thought I was nuts talking to animals. When I turned back, I smoothed this chap on the head and he gave me this great big smile. And, he then did it again to allow me to take the photo.

Don’t you just love ‘Dumb’ animals? Whoever named animals dumb, was no genius!!

Day 2 at Gigrin Farm – Rhayader

OK I know it is not really Day 2 but I have been unable to get online for numerous reasons. However, here is the news as of day 2!

The rain has come on and off all day and it has made things a little dowdy. But it certainly hasn’t spoilt my pleasure. The day started off with about 300 sheep bleating all around the caravan. As we were the only caravan in the field, it was a little disconcerting. However, I donned boots and mucked in (literally) to lend a hand to the young guy who was driving around like a man possessed on a 4 wheel  ATV and a crazy sheep dog. We finally got the sheep to where he wanted them in a pen so that he could separate the Ewes from the lambs, to ween them.

The dog was great. I was standing at the railings of the pen chatting to the young guys (there were two of them by now) when the dog came up and sat beside me. He shoved  his muzzle in my hand, which was just at the right height for him, and I looked down to talk to him and give him a smooth – it was obvious he wanted attention – and he bit me! Not hard just a nip. The two young fellers laughed and said “he’s a funny old dog, only just started doing that, does it with everyone”.  I told the dog off, you naughty doggy (or words to that effect). We then carried on chatting for about half an hour and the dog came up to me again stuck his muzzle in my hand, I instinctively put my hand on his forehead, and he bit me again! By this time the young farmers were rolling around holding their sides. I smiled and made my excuses to leave, so I could get back to the caravan for some instant First Aid!

Sitting in the van the rain stopped, the sun came out and all was well with the world. Suddenly my wife yelped out a stifled scream and said “quick squirrel”. I said “why are you calling me squirrel you know my name is Mark?” She said no you donut come here there is a squirrel!  With that I quickly  jumped to the window to see this young squirrel busying itself doing some house work. He then shot off at about 100 miles an hour, came back to his home and went to sleep. The funniest thing I have seen for ages.

Young Grey Squirrel

Then he came back for a swift kip!

Snoozing Squirrel

He looks so comfy.

Hopefully more later.