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I read recently that if you paint a wall say, on a shed  or similar, with any kind of alcoholic liquid, during darkness it will attract moths. Now I haven’t drank for about 12 or 13 years but I still have some odd liquor laying around mainly for visitors. So, I thought why not give it a go. I just pulled out a half bottle ‘Traditional Perry Cider” it had turned from a beautiful golden perry colour to an unfamiliar colour brown! After jamming the screw-on cap in the door jam of the kitchen door to unscrew it, I opened it and it smelt pretty good actually! Very potent. But I don’t drink. So I took it out doors and poured a little into a small pottery saucer and began to paint it onto the door of my garden shed. Nice and near to the kitchen  so I can capture photos of all these wonderful moths that are going to arrive tonight.

Now the shed and the fence is pained in one of these preservative type paints, mine happens to be blue (not my choice by the way).  Imagine my surprise when immediately, I mean IMMEDIATELY, I began to paint on the cider onto the shed door, it removed all traces of blue paint, clean down to the wood!  I have never been able to buy a paint stripper that good.

It smelt really good, and I couldn’t help laughing, although I will have to re-paint the shed now. So watch this space, we will see if actually does attract any moths. More likely to attract a few old Musician friends I should think, with that aroma wafting over the garden wall!