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Looking Forward to Christmas

I always seem to be trying to find more time these days. I don’t know why because since I took the decision to drop the Management and Training Consultancy business from my portfolio, I am supposed to have more time! In the end of course it all comes down to me, I should be big enough and ugly enough by now to admit that Time Management isn’t one of my strongest skills.  The reason I started off saying this is because the photo below was taken before Christmas and it’s now January and I am only now (at 3.25 am) finding the time to post it.

I had been out for just a short 1 hour trip to grab some photos of a Hoar-Frost that we had had and, on the way back as I was driving back to my house from the main road, I saw a Police car looking at me as I drove (they were driving past me and on down the main road). The problem I had is that I had just spotted this chap on the road and I wanted to grab a quick pic, but I couldn’t while the police were watching. In the end (all this happened in about 2 minutes) as soon as the police car vanished I quickly picked up the camera from the passenger seat and shot two frames. Unfortunately, I was still driving at the time, so the pic was obviously a bit blurred, not to mention the that I managed to get the door post of my car in the pic as well!

No matter. Looking at the photo now, it still carries the message that I was hoping it would. Which is, that as cold as it was that morning this guy probably slept out in it all night, while I was tucked up in bed in my centrally heated home. And, while I was complaining that I had to clear up the breakfast things in my kitchen before I could jump in my car and go and take some photos. This guy was tramping down the road with a shopping trolley, full of all his worldly goods wondering where his next meal would come from. And when I saw him, and the reason I took the photo, I wondered what his story was.  How did he get to the position he was in now? Where are his family etc.? And made me thankful for whatever it is I have. It said to me for God’s sake stop complaining about your lot. Stop thinking about your curses and start concentrating on your blessings.

A happy New Year to all my friends and, more importantly, I wish the guy with the trolley a much happier 2011 than the one he appears to be having at the end of 2010.

Where will I sleep tonight?
Looking Forward to Christmas