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Injured Buzzard

You will no doubt recall that at the beginning of my trip to Gigrin Farm I was invited into the rehab aviary to look at an injured buzzard. Well it seems the Vet saw the bird and prescribed some medication, I think for the birds’ right eye. From what I can gather the bird appeared to respond, but the bad news is, that today I was informed that he didn’t make it. I was so disappointed!  That is why I don’t think I could work with animals. I don’t mind all the gory bit, I can do pretty much anything (I think!) but I would have great trouble getting use to losing a ‘patient’. It is obvious that all concerned at Gigrin are sad at the loss, nobody wants to see an innocent animal die. But of course they live with these animals 365 days a year, year on year….mind you I have been here a week…..and I spent a week here 5 years ago!  OK, so I don’t have a voice when it comes to the day-to-day caring for ‘wild’ animals….but I was so sad (wiping tears from my bloodshot eyes).

Day One at Gigrin Farm

Well we finally made it back to Rhayader in Powys Mid Wales, to one of my favourite places in the Country. As we arrived at  Gigrin Farm Feeding Centre at about 4.00pm the 3.00 o’clock feed had been completed and there were still a good 200 red kites in the air. They really are a wonderful bird and one that I shall never tire of watching.

That was on Saturday. On Sunday I was very fortunate to accompany Colin – a Gigrin staff member and stalwart – to the rehab aviary  where a Buzzard had been brought in with, what appears to be, at the initial diagnosis, an injured eye. My first reaction at seeing the bird at such close quarters for the first time was how small it was. They always look so big when they are in the sky with that large wingspan.  I got down on the floor to make myself as small as possible, hopefully not to put anymore stress on the bird than it was obviously under.  While Colin distributed some food for the bird in easy places for it to get at, I was talking to it (like an idiot) and just basically saying things like, “hope you feel better soon little feller” etc (told you like and idiot). Imagine my surprise when after about  5 minutes of me chatting away, the bird flew towards me along the floor, and settled by my side actually touching my left arm! I don’t think I have ever felt so flattered and happy. I of course did nothing, I didn’t attempt to touch the bird (I’m not that big an idiot) or anything I just continued to talk with Colin, and then I got up and gently walked away. What a wonderful start to what promises to be a wonderful trip.

Buzzard in Rehab