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The Shed Door

You will no doubt remember my attempt at attracting Moths to my alcohol drenched shed door?

Well first here is the colour that the shed was originally, before any cider was painted on.

So next taking the bottle of Perry Cider and pouring into a dish and painting the door:

This is the result within 10 minutes of painting the door! This has to be the best paint stripper on the market today? No wonder alcohol screwed my liver up after drinking it for all those years. I think maybe a small glass of Nitromorse on ice may be worth a try. (Only joking if any kids are reading…I AM NOT SERIOUS).

So…now I have to paint the whole shed! AND, not a single moth was interested in the very strong smell of ┬áthe cider.

  • Bottom line? Need a different type of alcohol to the cider.
  • It’s the wrong time of year.
  • Or, all the visiting moths got so Mozart that they all went on to somewhere else to finish the night off!

Back to the drawing board.


Mozart & List?