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Caiden Goodwin
Caiden Goodwin
“Take my photograph granddad NOW..or else!”

Some of my readers may well be familiar with Power Rangers, but unfortunately this Granddad isn’t! However, it appears that my youngest grandson (I have 2 Josh who’s is 10 and Caiden who is 3) Caiden, is currently besotted and pesters his dear mum to help him get dressed up in ALL the gear as soon as he arrives home from nursery school.

On the day I promised to shoot the girls’ head-shots for the Casting Director, Caiden arrived in full regalia and continued to come into the studio after every shot saying “granddad, granddad, me now, me now!” His mum explained that the girls must come first, and like a good little chap he accepted it. Finally it was his turn. I took about a dozen shots, two of which I have posted here.

Don’t you just love them when they are that age? When they can communicate with you and tell you exactly what they want, and they continually charge around being loud and energetic, and then collapse on the sofa straight into dreamland, looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths. ¬†They grow up so quick, I remember when the three men I used to call my lads were like that, now they have children of their own, fly around the world making music or manage a design studio at a Major Record Co. making very serious decisions.

Oh Boy!….Feeling pretty old at the moment, and not as bright as I normally am. However, tomorrow is another day, it’s 2.50am local time and I can finally feel the ZZZzzzzzz’s, so I’ll sign off while I can still see the keyboard.