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Looking Forward to Christmas

I always seem to be trying to find more time these days. I don’t know why because since I took the decision to drop the Management and Training Consultancy business from my portfolio, I am supposed to have more time! In the end of course it all comes down to me, I should be big enough and ugly enough by now to admit that Time Management isn’t one of my strongest skills.  The reason I started off saying this is because the photo below was taken before Christmas and it’s now January and I am only now (at 3.25 am) finding the time to post it.

I had been out for just a short 1 hour trip to grab some photos of a Hoar-Frost that we had had and, on the way back as I was driving back to my house from the main road, I saw a Police car looking at me as I drove (they were driving past me and on down the main road). The problem I had is that I had just spotted this chap on the road and I wanted to grab a quick pic, but I couldn’t while the police were watching. In the end (all this happened in about 2 minutes) as soon as the police car vanished I quickly picked up the camera from the passenger seat and shot two frames. Unfortunately, I was still driving at the time, so the pic was obviously a bit blurred, not to mention the that I managed to get the door post of my car in the pic as well!

No matter. Looking at the photo now, it still carries the message that I was hoping it would. Which is, that as cold as it was that morning this guy probably slept out in it all night, while I was tucked up in bed in my centrally heated home. And, while I was complaining that I had to clear up the breakfast things in my kitchen before I could jump in my car and go and take some photos. This guy was tramping down the road with a shopping trolley, full of all his worldly goods wondering where his next meal would come from. And when I saw him, and the reason I took the photo, I wondered what his story was.  How did he get to the position he was in now? Where are his family etc.? And made me thankful for whatever it is I have. It said to me for God’s sake stop complaining about your lot. Stop thinking about your curses and start concentrating on your blessings.

A happy New Year to all my friends and, more importantly, I wish the guy with the trolley a much happier 2011 than the one he appears to be having at the end of 2010.

Where will I sleep tonight?
Looking Forward to Christmas

Christmas?…Again already?

I find as I get older Christmas comes around much quicker! Is this just me or does everyone over the age of 30 feel the same? And, I find I am going to more funerals than I am weddings. 2010 was an absolutely dreadful year for my family having lost 3 uncles or aunts!

On a happier note, I managed to go to the last meeting of the year at my local Camera Club. I really enjoy the camaraderie there, but unfortunately, due to pressures I can’t always manage the time.  This week was different though, and it was a subject that is really close to my heart, Birds of Prey.  I simply adore them, Owls, Hawks, Eagles any of them. So you cam imagine how pleased I was when I read that a local Birds of Prey rescue centre were bringing along a few birds for us to see and photograph?  And, it was done in a really nice and respectful way, respectful to the birds that is. A number of checks were made first to see if the birds would mind any flashes going off. Once this had be checked and agreed that the birds were quite happy with the set up, they posed very comfortably, and soon made it quite clear when they had, had enough.  A mention for club member Tony Barnett who managed the whole affair (or seemed to as far as I was concerned) he made sure that only one photographer at a time could photograph the bird.  This meant of course that it wasn’t like a Paparazzi scrum! Many thanks Tony, and also to those other members who helped out so professionally on the night.

There was one special little Owl there that I just fell in love with. He was about 10″ high and was a White Faced Scopse Owl and I think he was about 10 years old.  I spent a great deal of the night laying on the floor trying to get down to his level. I have one pic here but will post more on another occasion.

New Partnership

Ok so it’s not a brand new partnership as such, but it is being renewed with some vigour.

A good friend of mine, and excellent photographer to boot, has been quite busy with wedding photography recently.  So busy in fact that he has decided to take things to the next level. So in the past whereby Mark Goodwin Photography worked  hand in hand with Creative Depictions, as of next year the plan is to become more proactive and work as one (Creative Depictions) and offer not only a wedding service second to none, but also continue with the commercial side of the business, vis a vis graphic design, marketing etc.

There will be the usual – a dedicated website and blog etc – but for now if any interested parties want to book the ultimate wedding package, they should contact me at or  I know that a couple of dozen weddings have been booked already, so  if anyone is interested in specific dates for 2011 they should contact us soon.

Stock Photography in Wales -UK

Lazarou Hair & Beauty Catalogue shotsA small selection of the shots for the new Lazarou Hairstylists website that I have been commissioned to shoot. The site is not live as yet but I am told is nearly there. The site is being built by Website Design Centre Group for Lazarou Hairstylists and Beauty Salon for their salon in Pontypridd, s e Wales.

On the Desk!

Latest commissions at present include the design and production of artwork for three album sleeves for Optimum records , A photo shoot this week for a new singing sensation named Robert Garnay, and some pack shots for a web design company.

So all in all, mustn’t grumble this month also looking forward to delivering some marketing training in July.

Any small businesses out there who are looking to either grow their business or maybe re-brand or just stabilise and to improve productivity and profitability, get in touch with us now, you will be surprised how we can help and how little it will cost you.