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Gotta Feed The Kids

Firstly apologies for not being around very much lately, but that damned Shingles still has me by the armpit! I must say it is improving, but Doctor says expect another three weeks…cheers doc!

The shed door experiment failed miserably, the old scrumpy didn’t attract even a fly, so it’s back to the books. However, whilst in the garden I did notice a moth kinda hanging in a funny shape, from my outside lantern light. On further inspection I realised that the poor thing had been caught in/on a spider’s silk.  No sooner had I got close enough to try to identify the moth, than an Orb Spider came belting down from the top of the lantern to the moth, to ensure I didn’t nick it!

I must have spent the next 30 or 40 minutes just watching the clever creature, prepare the moth. It spent its time very carefully and meticulously wrapping the moth up in silk as if it was a joint of meat. It appeared to take for ages, and meanwhile I was trying to get shots of the process against the background of the bulb in the lantern. Then suddenly…almost in a flash the spider ‘ran’ up the hanging silk carrying the package with him. I was so surprised how strong the spider was that he could dash up the silk to its ‘lair’ carrying this lump.

Here are some pics, not as good as I would have liked but the lantern light was giving me problems….at least that’s my excuse.

Spider spots me looking at the moth and comes dashing down

Shot No.2

Orb Spider starts work on wrapping the moth

Shot 3.

Spider is making a thorough job of 'cocooning' the moth

Shot 4

Wrapping continues

Shot 5

Starting to finish of the wrapping, and preparing for the ascent

Shot 6

Being very meticulous and ensuring there are no loose ends

Shot 7

And now to get the shopping home

Shot 8

And finally, get the shopping home and into the larder.

The Shed Door

You will no doubt remember my attempt at attracting Moths to my alcohol drenched shed door?

Well first here is the colour that the shed was originally, before any cider was painted on.

So next taking the bottle of Perry Cider and pouring into a dish and painting the door:

This is the result within 10 minutes of painting the door! This has to be the best paint stripper on the market today? No wonder alcohol screwed my liver up after drinking it for all those years. I think maybe a small glass of Nitromorse on ice may be worth a try. (Only joking if any kids are reading…I AM NOT SERIOUS).

So…now I have to paint the whole shed! AND, not a single moth was interested in the very strong smell of  the cider.

  • Bottom line? Need a different type of alcohol to the cider.
  • It’s the wrong time of year.
  • Or, all the visiting moths got so Mozart that they all went on to somewhere else to finish the night off!

Back to the drawing board.


Mozart & List?