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Pete Appleby

Pete Appleby by MarkieG
Pete Appleby, a photo by MarkieG on Flickr.
PETE APPLEBY 1928 – 2012
It is with great sadness that I have to report the the death of the great British Percussionist Peter Appleby.
As many of my readers will know Pete was the driving force behind the Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group when I was still a lad! Previous to joining Lonnie’s band Peter played with an endless list of household names, both Jazzers and popular performers. He was with the Mick Mulligan band for over 10 years, the singer in that band was the legendary  George Melly – George mentions Pete in his book. Other names that people will recognise include, The Humphrey Littleton Band, The Johnny Dankworth Orchestra and Dame Shirley Bassey.
In later years Pete devoted himself to musical education and was still teaching up to 2010. I recently received a number of emails from ex-students of Pete’s, one of which is now a Doctor of Music and he owes all his early start in music to Peter. Of course Pete didn’t only play kit, he was an all round Percussionist which included; Vibraphone, Xylophone and Tympani etc. But was more famous for his drum kit work.
I first saw Peter perform when he joined the Donegan band in 1960 and he bowled me over, little did I know then that I would end up taking over the drum chair from him with the band in the late 60’s, a hard act to follow as any musician who has worked with Lonnie will tell you.For the past 30 years – give or take – Peter has been happily married to wife June. Although they had known each for many years before that when June was also in show-business as a professional dancer. For the past number of years Peter had been ill on a number of occasions suffering with a serious chest complaint and even beating Bladder Cancer in 2010 with the ever stalwart care, love and dedication of June.

  It was Saturday the 28th January 2012 that Pete passed away in the Middlesborough Hospital, June having called the Paramedics when Pete started having breathing problems the previous evening.
It was reported that Pete died peacefully in his sleep with June by his side.


The next chapter….
It now appears that FaceBook are back-stepping as fast as they can and have retracted their new TOS and have reverted back the the pre Feb 4th version. However, they are telling us that they still intend to make changes but will now give more thought! Surely ‘more thought’ should have come before the horse went galloping out of the stable?

What they need to understand is quite basic. Just because they provide a platform for us to supply information and the like to our friends, or even prospective clients, it doesn’t give them the right to have use of any of my scribblings, photos, jokes, music or whatever.

As I see it (and I may be wrong here) FaceBook will make a lot of money from all the advertising on their site. Advertisers will only pay to be seen on the site, if the site is successful, the site will only be successful because of the quality or otherwise, of our scribblings, photos etc.

Let’s see what is the next step.

Below is a statement I received today on my Facebook page:

Terms of Use Update
Over the past few days, we have received a lot of feedback about the new terms we posted two weeks ago. Because of this response, we have decided to return to our previous Terms of Use while we resolve the issues that people have raised. For more information, visit the Facebook Blog.

If you want to share your thoughts on what should be in the new terms, check out our group Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.


I have just read a very interesting article on Fox about Facebook.

It is really quite unbelievable that in this day in the 21st Century that anyone, can take what is your personal property (intellectual or otherwise) and basically do whatever they like with it, without even consulting you. All because they listed it in their Terms of Service (TOS), which we all accepted when we joined and ticked the little box.

So that is it for me, I am taking all my stuff off and closing the account! Which would normally be OK, except in this instance, Facebooks’ TOS say’s that they have your material in perpetuity, even after you have taken it down, they have the right to archive the material and use it as and when they choose.

Apparently, in the old version of their TOS it stated that once you had left you were OK, your ‘stuff’ left with you. But this was prior to Feb 4th. Anything left on the site after that date is theirs to do with as they like.

Anyone who has anything they feel is of value (intellectual copyright) should be sure to read this article.
Check it out for yourself.,2933,494064,00.html