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Paul Newman 1925 – 2008

Paul Newman 1925 – 2008
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Another super-talented professional to leave us but never to be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers should go to his family at this sad and momentous time. And what a lovely human being.

When I was a struggling musician in the 60’s and living in Hollywood, he very kindly gave me his personal telephone billing number so I could ring my future wife in London, EVERY DAY. In those days it would cost £1 per minute, and the calls would normally last an hour! Being young and missing each other, those phone calls meant a lot both to me and to Ondrea and he recognised that and just said that I could use it wherever I was in the world any time I wished!



Ideal Business Show – Wales

On Wednesday 3rd September I visited the Ideal Business Show in Cardiff.  It was a 2-day event and the number of businesses who were on display there was refreshing to see, especially in the light of the recession prophecy!

One of the businesses  that put on a colourful show was an Indian restaurant who are located in 131 Albany Road Cardiff, named Punitha’s.  If any of the tasty samples that were available on their stand are anything to go by, then diners are in for a treat! 
There were also a number of excellent speakers present, one of which I have personally heard some great things about – Rachel Elnaugh.  Readers will no doubt remember her from the first series of ‘Dragons Den’.  Unfortunately for Rachel, as I understand it, her business got into some financial trouble (exactly what I do not know) however, she is certainly coming back strong if Wednesday’s presentation is anything to go by. I was unable to stay and listen to the whole of Rachel’s Breakfast Seminar as I had work to do photographing some of the businesses displaying at the show, but when I left she was in full swing talking about how she worked her way out of troubles and offered some good advice to those present on what to do should they have similar problems.



The whole festival weekend appeared to be a fantastic success, with some exciting groups and acts. Stuart Marshall (he of www.creative and I spent the three days shooting Morris Dancers and groups from dawn till dusk. More pix will be found at and The Two Rivers site at

Pix here show the, Mickey Sharpz sponsored, Big Top marquee, and the Oysterband. Billy In The Lowground, who were playing at the late John Butler Session in the Jester marquee. And, One String Loose performing at the Chepstow Castle main stage.
Anyone wishing to purchase any of the photos from the weekend can find details at Stu’s site Creative-Depictions.

I understand that preparations and planning for next year are already well underway.


Last weekend Stuart & I were asked if we would photograph the 2 Rivers Folk Festival in Chepstow. The festival is an excellent weekend of great fun for everyone. The brains behind the event are two very able business people, Mike Lewis and Tim Ryan pictured talking to each other, Mike with the specs on his head centre. 

There were some really good bands and performers, and the Morris Dancers in their colourful outfits were tremendous. With groups travelling from as far afield as Canada.
Amongst the bands that really caught my eye were, The Baghaddies, (See creative-depictions site for pix) The Oysterband and One String Loose, a group of young guys from Caldicot in Monmouthshire, UK. We will be posting more pictures on the web sites, creative-Depictions 

Sandra & Jaz

It’s been a while but I’m back.

My Photographic Partner in Crime (PPC Stuart Marshall) and I, had a wedding to do last weekend. In fact Stuart had was given the contract a year ago. 

The day finally came and as you can imagine there was much excitement.  Stu went to the brides’ house to take care of all the ‘before’ stuff while I waited at the church for the Bridegroom and the Best Man to arrive and to get the shot of them and Bridesmaids getting out of the car. 
The 60-seater  bus eventually arrived with the Groom and the BM plus about 60 other people!  Right opposite the church is a very nice old world pub!  Yep, everyone headed straight for it, even though they were running 20 minutes late.  Eventually, without too much hollering I managed to get the G, BM, Ushers and the Bridesmaids to the church for the shots. 

One of the shots the Bride was specific about was the Confetti shot coming out of the church.  Stu and I managed to get quite a few blasted off, one of which I have posted here. This looks  like they wedding guests robbed the confetti factory!  But thought I would post it here as it probably won’t see the light of day elsewhere! 

I’m pleased to say that everything went to plan (more or less) and the happy couple flew off to Ireland for their honeymoon. 


It’s a shame really, but what is one supposed to do.  We moved into our new home only to be greeted by this little guy and his whole darn family!  And that included aunts and uncles from abroad coming here for holidays.  I mean these chaps were causing havoc. 

I tried a number of so called humane devices, but to no avail.  In the end we had to resort to the good old mouse trap.

So far it has worked, we haven’t had a more visitors for a couple of weeks now, but I’m not looking forward to the bad weather when our mousey friends decide to come back!  

I feel really bad when I see this little pic, but the trouble they were causing in our kitchen was no joke.

In The Beginning

The Spread  in Hereford used to be heard around the house all the time from about 2001.  

Jozif was a regular at the gig and was always so enthusiastic about the venue and the DJ’s who worked there. It wasn’t too long before younger brother Oli started accompanying Jo to the gig, I know ‘The Spread’ holds some fond (and not so fond) memories for them both.  

Next to be recruited to the ‘Spread Team’  was big bro Ben.  Ben is the  technical one, the one who can fix it, whatever ‘it’ is!  When there were problems with the Booth one week, Ben was called out on an ’emergency’. He was there within the hour and within 20 minutes had all the sound and lights back on and functioning perfectly.

Later on Ben completely redesigned and installed the booth and re-sited and installed all the lighting equipment. Hence Ben’s trading title To the best of my recollection Ben went on to promote and run the gig for about 2 years.

Since moving to London four years ago, Jozif and Oli don’t get the opportunity to visit Hereford as much as they would like, and Ben is now busy with, where as well as his ‘fix-it’ roll, he is also producing his own music and that of a number of local bands.


Jozif is one of my three sons, he is involved in the music business which I guess is a bit of a family trait, (Me ex-pro muso, mum ex-dancer, brother Oli runs LowLight Records Ltd and big brother Ben runs Design2Play).

Jozif and Queen Vix came down to see us a few weeks ago, we did a mini shoot in the studio as a  way of deciding which way he would jump for his next EP Sleeve design.  We only had a quick session as they were due back in London for a club night that Vix was promoting.

They are currently in Barcelona mixing business with pleasure, enjoying life and earning a couple of bob in the process I hope.