February 2013

Peahen and Chicks

Can’t believe where the new year is off too! February already, but the good news is that Spring is around the corner, really looking forward to getting out there again and seeing all the new young things coming to life.

I think the pic above symbolises that time of year. The photo is of a mother Peahen and her chicks. I actually took the photo a couple of years ago now whilst my wife and I were on a wildlife outing in the caravan to Gigrin Farm in Mid Wales. The mother spent most days hanging around the caravan and didn’t seem to mind Rosie, our mini dachshund. That is until one day Rosie started to get inquisitive and walked in her direction.  Mother hen soon put a stop to that and Rosie came hurtling back to the van and break neck speed, ears akimbo!

Oh well, gonna try and get some z’s now it is 1.30am and I am having trouble with the old insomnia again. It has never really left me and I put it down to my time as a musician during my early years. It’s funny if I stay up until I am ready to sleep, which is usually around 3.00am, I will start to feel guilty!  Why? I don’t have to be anywhere special in the morning, so why can’t I stay up late?

And so the internal argument continues! Oh well…..same old, same old, as they say.  🙂


2 thoughts on “February 2013”

  1. Glad you’re not cooking them, break up the family. I just read a pheasant recipe post the other day. Sorry to digress. I am enjoy your posts, Mark.
    Ruth in Pittsburgh


    1. Oh RUTH!…How could you? Those poor babies. 🙂
      I’m not sure you can eat Peacocks can you? Many moons ago when I was a young man my interest in wildlife started with my interest in shooting and fishing. I have in my time shot a number of Pheasants, but my dear wife always disliked cooking any of the game I brought home. She said she always felt it was dirty somehow. Well that’s a City girl for you.
      Anyway, thank goodness I saw the light many, many moons ago and sold my guns. Obviously, I still go out hunting but now with a camera.
      Hope you and your are well Ruth and having a half decent 2013.


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