In the Mists of Time!

I was having a couple of weeks break over the past fortnight and decided to try and digitise some more of my  slides & negs. However, I didn’t have that much success!

One of my main problems is this. For as long as I can remember I have been a Nikon user, so much so that when I needed a slide and negative scanner, I automatically chose a Nikon. And very good it has been as well except, when I tried to update the software and drivers etc, I was very politely informed that Nikon do not make scanners anymore and hence, there is no updates to the software! Now I fully understand about product loyalty, but I wonder what the head(s) at Nikon think about Customer Loyalty? Or does that not exist anymore at that level? Perhaps they expect their distributors to handle that tricky end of the deal!

Having said all that, here is a dreadful pic of a wonderful occasion. The original slide is perfect but the scan which I had to do on my all-in-one ain’t so good. The occasion was the first photo session of a brand new idea and invention in percussion, specifically Arbiter Auto-Tune Drums. This pic shows l-to-r, Ivor Arbiter the inventor and Music Industry legend, me (with a droop face as I am suffering from Bells Palsy at the time) and the great Carl Palmer, he of ELP holding a Snare Drum. Carl was a tremendous help during the final stages of testing the equipment, as was many other fine drummers including Jon Hiseman who toured the kit all over Europe with his various bands, Coliseum II. and Tempest with the late and great Irish guitarist Gary Moore. I guess the photo was taken around 1977/8.

Ivor Arbiter, Mark Goodwin & Carl Palmer

4 thoughts on “In the Mists of Time!”

    1. Hi Phil
      Thanks for the ‘like’. Yes agree a great band and a fine bunch of musicians. Carl was really good guy to work with, although I have lost touch now, as is always the way in the music industry.


    1. Tehehe Ruth…Yes well I was dressed in a business suit as I had no option. Carl only ever wore Black and I for as chairman of CBS/A could ware whatever he liked and chose to kinda blend in with Carl and wore Black!
      Actually I am trying to trace the facts but I am fairly sure that the photographer was Lord David Putnam’s father Leonard Putnam. For a while I thought it may have been David himself, but I think by this time he was into filmmaking. But before that he was managing David Bailey and Donovan.
      Thanks for the contact, much appreciated.


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