Family Time

Once agin it seems an age since I have had the time to post anything worthy here. But I will snatch 5 minutes now before I go diving off to my Caring duties.

My niece – Rachel Jac – who lives a couple of hundred miles away contacted me to tell me she was the Casting Director for a film company who were due to make a feature film in Wales this year. She said could I help and point her in the direction of somewhere where she could hire children from age 9 and one baby under 1. I did the best I could as far as my contacts were concerned, and then she came back and asked me for some pics of my grandchildren. So, that’s where it began. I had a very enjoyable couple of hours snapping the children and in the end the pics turned out OK or at least acceptable!

Unfortunately, Niamh who is my eldest grandchild at 12, had just gone mad and changed her hair colour to a bright RED! I loved it even though her previous blonde was beautiful. When Rachel got the pics she said they were all fine and could use all the children except Niamh! When I asked why she said because the film is a period piece and the red hair won’t work and the funders will not consider wigs for the children. A shame really, as Niamh is the only one who has her eyes set on acting. She is studying it at school and going to separate lessons. On my advice she is currently attempting to get back to the original colour or at least a more conservative appearance.

It seems to me if one is to set their sights on a career in the entertainment industry, set-backs and disappointments start early!  But I know that any dissapointment early on will only go towards building her and making her stronger for the future.

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  1. Beautiful portraits, Mark!


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  2. These are gorgeous photographs of your grandchildren. And, I think it is so sad that they wouldn’t cast your granddaughter Niamh (beautiful name by the way) because of her hair color. It is so fun! Don’t they know that hair color can be dyed? So silly. Anyways, what a fun project to be a part of and you managed to snap some great photos of your grandchildren also. Glad to read a post from you! I’ve been out of the blogging world lately as well. Hope life is going well 🙂


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