Album Cover Shoot – 2

Well I turned up an hour before the shoot was due to start and was directed to the ‘Guard Room’. It was just inside the portcullis. I got a backdrop up and a couple of strobes and did a few test shots and waited. The Record company boss turned up on time with the Make-Up Artiste and  his assistant, we then waited for Queenie to show. Unfortunately, she had an art exam that morning and was late getting away from school but she duly arrived with her Mum about 45 minutes late.

Next the Make-up girl had to do her thing, unfortunately (unbeknown to me) Queenie is having some trouble with her skin/complexion at the moment and requested the make-up girl to use Queenie’s make-up. So by the time all was finished I guess we must have started the shoot proper about an hour late!

I had a couple of main problems:-

  1. The record company had no specific requirements. Now this may sound fine, as I have free rein, however, if you don’t know what the customer wants, how are you supposed to give it to them? I would have liked to have had an idea of what the forthcoming album was going to be like. I mean was it going to be Katy Perry or Ethel Merman?
  2. The Guard Room was cold and it was giving Queenie goose-bumps on her bare arms.
  3. We had too many people in the ‘studio’ which was having an effect on Queenie, bearing in mind she is only 15 years old (hence the skin probs).
  4. The complexion and the Goose-bumps caused me so many problems, trying to hide them as much as I could via the camera, to save me time in post production.

Anyway, we finally finished, Queenie was a little angel. She never once complained (even though it was obvious she hadn’t done any modelling before) and she just tried everything that people were shouting out to her (including me, but I was allowed).  The last thing she said to me as she left was “thank you very much and can you please touch-up my skin before you submit them?” I repied that I would add a little blur here and there if it was needed, she said “NO not a little blur a whole lotta a blur!”  And she was deadly serious.

I must say that I did need a lot of time in the digital darkroom but at the end of the day the record boss selected about six or seven shots that he liked and that was that.  As many photographers will know,  it is strange how the client never choses the photos that you think are the best. They always chose the ones that you wished they hadn’t for various reasons.

I have included a small number herewith, not fantastic I know but chosen by the company. Please feel free to comment, I would welcome any feedback good, bad or indifferent.

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11 thoughts on “Album Cover Shoot – 2”

  1. Fun to follow you through this shoot – and thanks for sharing your problems too. You did come back with a bunch of nice shots though. My favourite is the tight head shot with dark background where she looks to her right. And yes you are right, clients almost always seem to want to pick the «wrong» picture, which is why is even more risky when you don’t have any clue as to what they want to have.


  2. Excellent stuff, Mark – I too particularly like the lo-key images, especially the first one – how about some black and white lo-key images with a bit of grain added? Well done 🙂


  3. Oh yes, it’s frustrating when you get there early, and then have to wait for everything else to happen, but at the same time it’s a teensy bit exiting too.

    I don’t know why clients always choose different shots from the ones you (or I) would choose, but they always seem to. Depends on their end vision I suppose.

    These are a good set Mark, and I hope you had as much fun taking them, as you did writing the blog…. well done.


    1. Thanks Di, I think I had fun…I was also a bit apprehensive coz I knew I had to get the shot. Bit like weddings I guess, that’s why I don’t do them.


  4. I think the are amazing! But are ou sure she is 15? She looks like a 20-something woman (although her shyness in her eyes give her age away, in some of the pics). Jees. hen I was 15 …. I looked like a fifteen! And there is only so much blur one can use to hide bad skin. She really has bad skin?
    I love pic 2 (The portrait with the black background).


  5. Well, I”m just jumping in not really remembering if I should have heard of this person or not, but what a beautiful girl! And I love all the photos. I’m no expert, but I think your work looks fantastic. She certainly looks more sophisticated than a 15 year old… I’d have put her at around 18 or older~ really nice pictures.


  6. Lovely shots! Pretty girl. I love the close-up with her hair up. Really nice lighting. All the shots are nice…but I happen to favor that one! Thanks for sharing!


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