Rogiet Countryside Park

As I live quite near Rogiet Countryside Park I often nip down there just for an hour, to see what is happening. Whilst I was down there in the summer something gave me a good old bite on the leg, through my heavy duty trousers. I didn’t feel it at the time but when I returned home I found that I had three quite large bites on my right calf.  So that was about the end of August. I am still trying to get rid of them, I think I am on my third lot of different ointments and potions!

But there are some really quite nice and quite aggressive flies down there so I guess I will have to take more care in future.

This was a shot of one I saw today, I haven’t ID’d it yet but thought you may be interested.

Could this be the baby that bit me?

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  1. OK I have to be fair to the fly! I have since found out through my Doc that the bites on my leg are in fact NOT bites! So this blameless hover fly can continue doing its pollenating with a clear conscious.
    On the downside, the marks on the lower leg could in fact be a sign of something else which was triggered by my recent bout of Shingles. Something called Lichen Planus, which affects between 1-2% of the world’s population. The worst thing about it is that you can get it in the mouth! Although this is usually most common in females, except in my case of course….
    So next week into hospital for some day surgery where the Oral surgeon is gonna cut a sample of my tongue, and my lip and cheek for biopsy, stitch me up and send me home. Then we wait for the results to prove it is Planus or something worse!!

    So nothing to do with the little fly, but all to do with me catching Chicken Pox when I was a young lad of about 4.


  2. Interesting to think that a fly could cause that much damage … and .. through a pair of heavy duty trousers. I love the outdoors but those little pesty things that bite make it diffcult to enjoy sometimes. ~~~ : – )
    Aside from all that … the photo is outstanding. Welll Done…!!!


  3. A great macro shot. The colours are so vivid and makes a beautiful background for the detailed fly. You can really feel the fly jumping towards you.


    1. I have since been informed that this is Hover Fly. Now I’m not sure but I don’t think they go out of their way to attack us. So I’m hoping it wasn’t this one.
      Two pair of trousers, plus an all-in-one Boiler suit, plus an oil skin top coat. And a second world war gas Mask!



  4. Yes Mir, I guess that’s what caught my eye. I think it might be a member of the horse fly family, but yet to be confirmed.
    Thanks for dropping bye.



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