If You Leave it…

I’m not telling anyone anything they don’t already know, when I say, if you keep putting off what you should be doing today, you will be lost! And that is exactly what has happened here. I was in full swing, with all the right motives, sitting quietly in the caravan in the middle of a beautiful quiet valley, aiming to write each day as it happened at The Gigrin.  But no, I decided to do the things that I enjoyed doing, opposed to the things that I should be doing.  Consequently, I have 100’s of photos of the stay at The Gigrin, but I can’t remember what happened day-to-day, you know..the news, the exciting bits, who said what to whom.

So, I’m just going to have to dig deep into the old grey matter and try to recall titbits of the trip, (Anyone remember that weekend newspaper called Titbits?)

When I first visited The Gigrin in 2005 there was this great big Peacock who was a little on the grumpy side – on second thoughts he was a lot on the grumpy side – he was a sight for sore eyes. Big, blue and with a tail to die for, and he knew it of course. He would prance about the farm occasionally yelling at the top of his screeching voice.  This trip, he is gone, passed over to greener and sunnier fields.  However, he has left a legacy behind, a young son who has already started to accumulate a Harem of pretty little females.

I know I did get a couple of pics of him, but I haven’t got to them yet, as soon as I do I will post them. But, meanwhile here is a photo of one of his lady friends and their children.

Peahen and chicks

She was a really great mum, no matter what she was doing, eating, sleeping or cleaning, she always had one eye on the chicks. And when my mini dachshund ‘Rosie’ quietly sauntered over to  check her out, she quickly lifted herself up to her full height, plus a bit. Then puffed up her chest and feathers until she looked like the size of a small car and turned to square off with Rosie.  Nothing was said no shouts, no barks nothing. Rosie just stopped on a sixpence, checked out the VW Beetle that was looking at her, and then quietly, but swiftly walked back to me. Mother hen just turned around and carried on with whatever she was doing, showing that this was not the first time she had to confront a possible enemy.

I will see what I can dig out next from the trip.

8 thoughts on “If You Leave it…”

  1. Hi
    I remember that alpha peacock very well – he started squawking at about 3am from the tree over our camper!!! Funny first time, not so funny by 7am. I left a memorial to him which is now in the info centre – Farmer Chris has a cool sense of humour 🙂
    Sadly the white peachick succumbed to peafowl heaven 😦


  2. Shingles…..???? Oh no… my Father in Law had those last year – nightmare, and my sympathies to you. Glad you’re feeling better….


    1. I have been in a sick bed…my wife has flu BOOM! BOOM!
      Sorry that is my past creeping out.
      But in all seriousness I have what is commonly know as Shingles. It’s the first time and please G-d the last. Besides it being so painful, it brought with it complications from the heavy painkillers I was taking. Consequently, ‘Out-Of-Hours’ Doctors AND Nurses being called. I haven’t felt that poorly for a very long time – if ever!
      Anyway, on the mend now and slowly getting back to normal.
      Thank you for your concern, and I am just loving your recent chunk of stuff. I loved the cats.



  3. You write really well…. love the part about the VW…. my dog would be more stupid, and probably take not notice of all the posturing from the bird, and approach anyway – he’s a labrador, and not too bright….. I’ve still not been to Gigrin, but there’s time yet…. great pic too.


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