Injured Buzzard

You will no doubt recall that at the beginning of my trip to Gigrin Farm I was invited into the rehab aviary to look at an injured buzzard. Well it seems the Vet saw the bird and prescribed some medication, I think for the birds’ right eye. From what I can gather the bird appeared to respond, but the bad news is, that today I was informed that he didn’t make it. I was so disappointed!  That is why I don’t think I could work with animals. I don’t mind all the gory bit, I can do pretty much anything (I think!) but I would have great trouble getting use to losing a ‘patient’. It is obvious that all concerned at Gigrin are sad at the loss, nobody wants to see an innocent animal die. But of course they live with these animals 365 days a year, year on year….mind you I have been here a week…..and I spent a week here 5 years ago!  OK, so I don’t have a voice when it comes to the day-to-day caring for ‘wild’ animals….but I was so sad (wiping tears from my bloodshot eyes).

4 thoughts on “Injured Buzzard”

  1. I suppose these things happen, but I’d be as bad as you, perhaps more than just bloodshot eyes. Could never be a vet. Looking forward to seeing your images of the birds though.


  2. very sad, I know what you mean about emotional attachments with the animals, I think I would be the same.. unless it was a guinea pig (I have become emotionally detached from the one we are looking for at the moment).


    1. It’s under the fridge!
      At least that’s where my son Oli’s use to hide but that was a few years ago now. He manages 80 people in a design studio for a major record label! They don’t allow pets in his office, shame really. I was going to do the gag about Hampsterjam but thought better of it. I hope you find the rascal.

      That Buzzard…he looked so good, couldn’t believe it when they told me it had died.


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