New Partnership

Ok so it’s not a brand new partnership as such, but it is being renewed with some vigour.

A good friend of mine, and excellent photographer to boot, has been quite busy with wedding photography recently.  So busy in fact that he has decided to take things to the next level. So in the past whereby Mark Goodwin Photography worked  hand in hand with Creative Depictions, as of next year the plan is to become more proactive and work as one (Creative Depictions) and offer not only a wedding service second to none, but also continue with the commercial side of the business, vis a vis graphic design, marketing etc.

There will be the usual – a dedicated website and blog etc – but for now if any interested parties want to book the ultimate wedding package, they should contact me at or  I know that a couple of dozen weddings have been booked already, so  if anyone is interested in specific dates for 2011 they should contact us soon.