I have just read a very interesting article on Fox about Facebook.

It is really quite unbelievable that in this day in the 21st Century that anyone, can take what is your personal property (intellectual or otherwise) and basically do whatever they like with it, without even consulting you. All because they listed it in their Terms of Service (TOS), which we all accepted when we joined and ticked the little box.

So that is it for me, I am taking all my stuff off and closing the account! Which would normally be OK, except in this instance, Facebooks’ TOS say’s that they have your material in perpetuity, even after you have taken it down, they have the right to archive the material and use it as and when they choose.

Apparently, in the old version of their TOS it stated that once you had left you were OK, your ‘stuff’ left with you. But this was prior to Feb 4th. Anything left on the site after that date is theirs to do with as they like.

Anyone who has anything they feel is of value (intellectual copyright) should be sure to read this article.
Check it out for yourself.


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  1. Exactly! If you read their TOS you will see they can use anything you post, music, video, stories etc and use them for whatever purpose including sell the stuff for advertising, whatever.


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