Sandra & Jaz

It’s been a while but I’m back.

My Photographic Partner in Crime (PPC Stuart Marshall) and I, had a wedding to do last weekend. In fact Stuart had was given the contract a year ago. 

The day finally came and as you can imagine there was much excitement.  Stu went to the brides’ house to take care of all the ‘before’ stuff while I waited at the church for the Bridegroom and the Best Man to arrive and to get the shot of them and Bridesmaids getting out of the car. 
The 60-seater  bus eventually arrived with the Groom and the BM plus about 60 other people!  Right opposite the church is a very nice old world pub!  Yep, everyone headed straight for it, even though they were running 20 minutes late.  Eventually, without too much hollering I managed to get the G, BM, Ushers and the Bridesmaids to the church for the shots. 

One of the shots the Bride was specific about was the Confetti shot coming out of the church.  Stu and I managed to get quite a few blasted off, one of which I have posted here. This looks  like they wedding guests robbed the confetti factory!  But thought I would post it here as it probably won’t see the light of day elsewhere! 

I’m pleased to say that everything went to plan (more or less) and the happy couple flew off to Ireland for their honeymoon.