Small Businesses

I have been away for a while not literally you understand, but away from the opportunity to post anything here.
I have been involved with a couple of new clients who are just in the process of launching their businesses.

One will be operating an on-line business selling jewellery, and watches. The business has some really good ideas, and the products are all vintage, at least the watches are. I was amazed at the quality and condition of these watches. They are absolutely pristine. It makes one wonder if they were ever actually worn by the original owner(s).

My role for this company was just to photograph the merchandise.

The other business in a new record label, the label is run by two brothers from their base in London. Basically, one brother in responsible for the administration of the business. And the other, is mainly responsible for producing product (although they also occasionally write some stuff together).

My role here was basic business start-up advice in the first instance, which involved incorporating the company, raising finance and a photo shoot for publicity material.

Once again, I’ll post their details when everything is sorted.