Weekly Photo Challenge – ‘What makes me happy’

Ok so this is my first attempt at the photo challenge, hope I don’t mess it up!

Not one of my pics

Banded Damselfly

My Late Huxley – Almost

I was going to try the new photo layout but I couldn’t find it!

Hope you like a selection of things that make me happy.



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About Mark Goodwin

A Music Industry Veteran, serial entrepreneur and irrational optimist. If I can't get passionate about a subject/profession, it won't last longer than 3 months. If I do get passionate it will last me a lifetime.

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  1. These are great animal-pictures Mark. By the way have you moved you blog to a different site, since there aren’t any new updates on this one for a long time. Would love to see some new work by you.

  2. Mission accomplished, big smile on my face now!

  3. Thank you so much for all ‘likes’ for my first challenge. It is very much appreciated.

  4. Fabulous pictures Mark. They certainly made me smile…

  5. Hi Mark Welcome to the weekly photo challenge. You have to go to your dashboard and wordpress says ” To switch to one of the new layouts, head over to Settings –> Media in your blog’s dashboard, scroll down to “Image Gallery Carousel,” and select the box next to “Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic.”
    Hope that helps.

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